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Michel BRELIVET - Nuctech


Survey to China in order to meet Stae Owned Company NUCTECH world leader in mobile and fixed scanning systems able to detect by X Ray explosives, drugs and fraud at the borders (Road, Ports, Airports).

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As part of partnership between the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Africa Union Financial Services (A.U.F.S), Groupe Latitudes Sud, represented by its C.E.O, Michel BRELIVET, provides supports for the implementation of a major project on the DRC’s borders involving major state actors : Customers - information - Police on the borders - Control Office...

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It is a question of fighting effectively against arms trafficking, drugs, the massive smuggling but also to better control imported and exported goods in other to optimize the customs and fiscal revenues of the country.

The means used are mainly x-ray scanners, long range cameras, detectors

The mission has been fully operational since 2017 in the Katanga and Kongo Central regions, will soon set up in Kivu before spreading to other sensitive border points in the country. Immense which counts 2 345 409 km2 (4 times France, 80 times Belgium) and which shares 9 common borders with its neighbors of Central Africa: Congo, Central Africa, South Soudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia…

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Breton expatriate since 20 years in Africa, working every day to the contact of Africans, Companies and Governments of the Continent, Michel BRELIVET, its Partners and Associates are to the forefront to understand and anticipate under way evolution and notably, the new axes and potentials of development.

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Armoiries de la Compagnie des Indes

His observation is born in 2015 Groupe Latitudes Sud - Brittany (the seat is to Brest, Finistère) whose objective is to develop economic trades between Brittany and Africas (because they are multiple and various).

Somewhere, also the continuity of what Bretons helped to realize, 300 years ago to the east (Lorient & Port - Louis, Morbihan) by the Indian Company, which remains anchored in our memories…

Africa is looking for reliable and competent Entrepreneur whose products and services are recognized as among the best. Africa is also looking for a privileged and sincere partnership in its exchanges with the world.

Brittany, through its innovates and effective successful companies, its brave and dynamic business leaders sometimes has access to African markets, but we must amplify this movement because for our companies, our children, our regional development, Africa represents a huge potential: the last Continent in the process of development…

But that walks in both ways… Africa is also looking for new ways to export its raw or processed products as part of a, ‹‹ win-win ›› relationship.

The Breton knowledge, the Breton characters are in total adequation with Africa and the Africans. Trust, understanding of the other and its differences, the value of the given word, the work well done and the respect of commitments made are in the A.D.N of Bretons.

To us, now by our knowledge and experiences, our 20 years in Africa, sometimes painful, often complex, but always rewarding, to open the doors to many Africas and to contribute to your International influence .

« I will flower everywhere where I will be carried »… Currency of the Company of Indias and Groupe Latitudes Sud…

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New position of Groupe Latitudes Sud in China. We are getting closer to the decision making center of Chinese international cooperation (which we know well) by opening our Beijing office in partnership with our Chinese friends.

Walvis Bay Port


Mission of logistic studies started with the aim of developing the volume of activities on the corridor WalvisBay (Namibia) - Kasumbalesa (Katanga - D.R.C) via Zambia. A corridor that can complete usefully that used since Dar Are Salaam (Tanzania) to destination of the Katanga.

Lobito Port
Kolwezi-Lobito Railway
Katanga Mining

ANGOLA - D.R. Congo

Mission of logistic studies undertaken and concerning the new Bengue corridor linking it Kolwezi.(former province of Katanga, today province of Lualaba, D.R.C). On the Angolan port of Lobito. The rehabilitation of the Angolan port was carried out of 1.2 billion USD and Railroad linking Lobito to Dilolo (D.R.C) completely redone to nine for 2 billion USD by China Railways and the Angolan state.

The objective is to resume the mining activity from Kolwezi region (20 million tonnes per year expected) to the Port of Lobito, which was 30 years ago the main sea-based products Katanga.

The Port had reduced its activities during the Angolan civil war and railway infrastructure was badly damaged.

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Beginning of activities of our Company ‹‹ Company of Zanzibar and the Tanganyika ›› living to Calabashes, Maurice island, mainly responsible for promoting and developing trades between Maurice island and the Continent.



Developed by our Company ‹‹ 12° Sud ›› based to Moroni, Comoros, wishing to better control their purchases and shipping or air from Dubai.

Moroni Port

12° Sud is able to propose a ‹‹package›› including :

  • Obtaining a short stay visa to the united Arab Emirates.
  • Logistic Assistance, Hotel, Transports…
  • Client-Provider Interface
  • Translation and assistance in the negotiation
  • Groupage Maritime and air since Dubai towards the Comoros.
Rice field in Madagascar
Malagasy Agriculture


Next opening of our Antananarivo office where Groupe Latitudes Sud wishes to intervene in the project of ‹‹ Granary of the Indian Ocean ›› initiate by the Commission of the Indian Ocean in favor of our islands. The objective is produced to Madagascar necessary food resources in order to significantly reduce the import volume of the first necessity.

Groupe Latitudes Sud is also member of the Crossroads of Entrepreneurs of the Indian Ocean, whose headquarters is in Antananarivo.